Mean people Suck.

Short entry today: on Saturday we went to an Apple Festival at the Botanical Garden. It was a lovely day, and a nice outing. I used the bathroom and left my sunglasses in the stall. It was a “one-stall only” type bathroom, and there was a lineup outside. After I was done, I went and sat by the lineup to nurse DS (who was waiting for me with DH and DD). About 10 min later I realized I’d left my glasses in there. But they were already gone. Somebody took them.

That person probably saw me come out. They probably walked right past me with MY glasses, knowing that they were mine, perhaps. My first pair of prescription glasses. They cost alot of money and were a birthday gift to myself. I’d only had them six months. I loved them. I can’t afford to replace them now.

I know it’s naive, but it’s just so hard for me to understand how someone does things like that.

Mean people suck.

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2 thoughts on “Mean people Suck.

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  2. Calvin McAlister


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