The Art of Blogging

I have known about blogs for some time now, but I could never really “get” why one would blog. I mean, why not just keep a diary? Why have to worry about what you say and whether someone might come across a comment of yours and get offended (despite using pseudonymns, I’m sure Aunt Martha can figure out who you are and that you think her apple upside down cake tastes like cat litter)?

But then I began reading some blogs and I realized that it’s a chance to have a more creative outlet. In other words, I’m aiming to have my posts be more about creative writing. About saying something in an interesting way that might resonate with other people, while at the same time giving a glimpse into my everyday life. I hope that by sharing my experiences with others, it will help others going through similar issues. I know I feel better reading about troubles that other mamas are having – especially mamas I really admire – as it makes me feel less hard on myself when I screw up, too.

I think my first couple of entries were good. But lately I think I’m getting too journal-like, and I’m definitely writing posts that are way too long. Chatty in life = chatty in text! I’m going to try to focus more, and be more general and creative in my writing. Blogging is a learning process, I suppose. I sometimes think I should erase or re-write earlier posts, but I’m not going to. This way I can see how I’ve evolved as a blog writer over time. Hey, I’m still very new at this! But I’m really enjoying it already.

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One thought on “The Art of Blogging

  1. a.v.

    these were the reasons for starting my blog as well. to share honestly by best moments and my worst moments. to post about my bad days and good days. yes, there is certain comfort in knowing that other mom go through the same or very similar experiences, even if the boat that we are in is not always a cruise. i find that i write differently and think differently when i blog — i tend to be introspective, more aware. in my journals i often hurriedly record the daily events, the cute things they say or do, the milestones, fleeting perceptions. writing in my blog allows me step back and think. well, i normally do this too LOL, but putting my evaluations and insights in writing give me a chance to distance myself yet again and see the situation more objectively.thanks for you blog.

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