Random Thoughts

It’s wonderful…I’m alone, DH is at soccer practice, and BOTH children are asleep in bed. This is absolute LUXURY for a parent. The only problem is that when I get such opportunities I start to panic wondering what indulgence I should go for: do I surf my chat boards, read a book, pick up my knitting, watch a movie? So much to do, so little time. I often end up panicking my way through my free time, not getting to really savour it. Because you never know when someone’s gonna start crying or – god forbid – wake up. And then happy hour is over.

I’m pretty proud of myself. DD has been asleep before 9 pm consistently now for a week, and only a few short weeks ago she was up past 10. And I did it all without the slightest bit of pressure, coercion, power struggle, or tears. THAT is something I can be proud of!

My little boy is 13 months today. Still stealing hearts everywhere we go with that smile of his. Still peircing ears with that shriek of his – which he does for fun, by the way. Just sits there with a grin on his face and lets loose with the loudest, screechiest, most ear-splitting shriek he can muster. I’ll be glad when that phase passes!

He eats everything. Such a joy to feed, no worries. With DD it’s always a concern. The kid lives on mac-and-cheese. No, it’s not the KD crap kind, but honestly how good can mac and cheese be. That and eggs constitutes about 80% of her diet. Thank god she likes my homemade waffles, and I can sneak some whole grains into her via wheat flour and whole oats. The child hasn’t touched anything green in probably a year now. Fruit is hit and miss, but even then it’s either apples or bananas, and infrequently enough that I fear for scurvy, lol. DH is against vitamins, but I wonder if I should just put my foot down. OTOH, I agree that all the dye and sugar that goes into them is a concern. The healthy stuff is too strong-tasting for her – she can smell it a mile away. I guess I just have to keep hoping that she’ll grow out of this pickiness and not end up with a dietary deficiency.

Well, you know what? I can’t think of anything deep to say and there are other fun things around here calling my name, so I’ll sign off as Happy Parent .

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