A screech that only a mother can love.

DS has always been a happy, easygoing baby. He didn’t cry much as a newborn or older baby. But now that he has finally mastered walking, he spends half the day screeching about something. Because DS doesn’t cry, he emits a high-pitched shriek that sounds like he’s being stuck with pins. It’s the kind of sound that makes total strangers look around to see what baby is being tortured. It is so loud that it actually hurts your ears to be close to him when he does it. It makes it hard for him to elicit the kind of sympathy a baby needs. Even his father is having trouble, as I am. I think the only thing saving him from situational abandonment is my maternal instinct. He’s my little boy, my baby, and I will comfort him when he’s hurt or frustrated even if it hurts my ears. But man, some days it is really trying. I have to be careful how I respond to him verbally, since little sister is always watching. I forget so often that I am the role model for her, and if I respond to his screeching with a muttered “good lord, what is it now?!” then I might be sending her a message of unsympathy and unconcern for others’ feelings. It’s a tough job and a heavy role to carry, but I know for the sake of both kids I need to put in more effort. With all the frustrations of newly walking: falling and banging into things, being able to just about reach objects of interest, and of course the continual battle with big sister over said objects, well….there’s a lot to cry about. And it would probably be easier if he just cried, but that shriek! oy! Yup. Maternal instinct is a Good Thing!

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One thought on “A screech that only a mother can love.

  1. Space Mom

    HE he he, we call L “the Nazgul” from the Lord of the Rings when she does that screech!FWIW, we do tell L that when she screeches we can’t help her. She needs to calm first.S watches and listens…

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