Yesterday was a Good Day.

It was one of those simple days when the little pleasures of life are what gives you peace inside. With DH sick and needing recovery time for a job interview the next day, I tried to give him as much time as I could. The morning with the kids went so smoothly. I had tidied up the place the night before, I was able to make homemade waffles for breakfast, get the kids bathed and dressed. Even managed to sneak in a shower for myself. Took DD for her first day back at school – I was surprised that she was a bit apprehensive about being dropped off there. I guess it has been almost a month since she was there last, and she kept asking me to stay and play with her. As it was, I stayed for about 30 minutes before she felt comfortable enough for me to go. I noticed a couple of other parents were in the same boat, and I felt so good about having DD in a place where the teachers understand and encourage the parents to stay as long as their children need them to in order to feel secure.

While DD was at school, DS and I went to the local Whole Foods grocery store. I shopped and we had a nice lunch; he ate wonderful foods like lentils and peas and sprout salad. It’s such a pleasure having a child who eats anything! He smiled for the folks and sat happily on my lap. I have to say this is a real favorite age of mine for my kids. I’m so looking forward to this year with him. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with him. Then on the way back to pick up DD he fell asleep, so I sat in the car and listened to the radio and knit for almost 30 minutes before it was time to go in and get DD. That was a very nice break.

I got home, made a nice dinner (which only I ate, but that’s okay since I made it for me, lol: baked beans, garlic mashed potatos, and sauteed rainbow chard). What made the day great was that I didn’t lose my cool. I “guided” the kids through any little conflicts that arose, I maintained my calm and my focus and it was a pleasure. I really felt “together”, like I was performing some kind of domestic dance where all the steps were just falling into place. The kitchen stayed clean, the laundry got washed, etc. And most of all, I was able to meet my kids’ needs. When DS was feeling clingy I would drop what I was doing and sit with him, nursing and cuddling until he wandered off to play. SUCH a better way of doing things than trying to put him off and having him be whiny and clingy all day!

So earlier I wrote about how Life is about the little things, the daily rhythm and pleasure of life, and I really felt that yesterday…

…which is good, because that night they both came down with fevers and now I have THREE sick people to care for today. :-\

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One thought on “Yesterday was a Good Day.

  1. Anna B

    When those days happen, I am so grateful for them!

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