Why I like it when my kids are sick.

The night after the “Good Day” I just wrote about, I was awoken by a restless little DS who was burning up with fever. A few minutes later, DD woke up in her bed (which is next to ours) and crawled into our bed, also burning hot. So I had two sick kids. Immediately I reviewed the week’s activities that lay ahead for us: nothing planned. That was good. So today we’d be planning to all stay home, sit on the sofa, nurse and cuddle, and watch videos. The kids were clingy and wanted to be touching me at all times. Neither had much of an appetite. I let DD nurse a few times that day, as she refused to take any kind of medicine for her fever, and wasn’t even interested in drinking much. DS, who normally eats anything and everything with gusto, only wanted to nurse. Fortunately, the house was in order and we had groceries. And the weather was dull, grey, and rainy. Frankly, I kind of enjoyed just taking it easy and having an excuse to be snuggly all day.

It had struck me as we were getting ready to get up and out of bed, that for some mothers what I was planning was not an option. There are women who don’t have “sick time” and would be fired from their jobs if they stayed home. Others may have sick time, but often precious little of it. And still others have commitments that don’t allow for sick time. Lying there with my kids that morning, their hot little bodies pressed up against mine, I just couldn’t imagine leaving them for the day! When they are sick they are just so needy of me, and leaving them all day would just break my heart. I felt really lucky to not have to work, to be able to be home with my kids when they are sick. There’s nothing like counting your blessings to realize you are richer than you think.

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