New Year Resolutions

With the start of the New Year my thoughts have been focussed on what I plan to do this year, and what direction my life (our life) will head in. This blog is all about my journey. Interestingly, only a couple of weeks after starting this blog I hit on a plan. My New Year’s resolution is implementing that plan: starting my own consulting business.

DH had two interviews this past week, and we are very confident that one of them will lead to a permanent position. At least, we are hoping! I want to wait until we have a salary coming in before I take the first steps (registering my company). Then I need to carve out some time during my week for working. Mum has already “signed up” for Monday afternoons to look after DS while I take DD to school and hang out there at the University doing some work until it’s time to pick her up. I’m pretty sure I can count on Deda (my FIL) for another afternoon. That will give me 2 two-hour stints. Sounds like nothing, but it’s 4 hours more than I’m getting lately, lol. Also, it appears that MIL will be in town for an indefinate amount of time, and she’s good for coming over to play while I hop on the computer and do some work. Ultimately, I think I’ll hire a mother’s helper, but it’s not necessary right now.

I’m so excited about my business! I lay dreaming about it last night. I need to go out and buy some “business” clothes, because the ones I have are so old they are really outdated (and having 2 kids has rearranged my figure somewhat, so they don’t fit well either). I’ll chalk it up to “startup costs”. DH’s best friend of 20 years owns a rather successful graphic design company, and has offered to give me a “family discount” on designing my stationary letterhead. I’m excited about that!

Overall, I have to say that I’m really optimistic about the year ahead. DH will be bringing home a nice salary, we’ll quickly pay off our remaining debt, then get back to house hunting by the end of the year if all goes well. Meanwhile I will enjoy my adorable little boy in his second year of life (my favorite age!) and work on my business. Sometimes I worry that my optimism is a guarantee that something awful and unexpected will happen, but that’s just the Murphy’s Law in me. Shit happens, lord do I know, but worrying about it doesn’t help at all.

As for last year, well it didn’t go the way I thought it would. But it also wasn’t too awful. We were debt-free at the beginning of it, and now we have debt again. But it’s not unmanageable and should be paid down quickly once DH starts working again. Importantly, I learned a huge lesson about being a partner to him. We went through a “trial” in our relationship and came out of it closer than ever. Ever since that “light bulb moment” things have just been 180 degree different. Ever since then I’ve been positive and hopeful and optimistic. I saw a huge change in him, too. His confidence and openness and everything. We both feel it. So here we are in the 4th year of our marriage. A year that Dr. Helen Fisher claims is the “make or break it year” (read Fisher’s “Anatomy of Love” – it’s a great book), and things are better than ever. So if the trials of last year are what it took for us to cross another bridge in our journey together, then it was a good year.

But this year will be even better! 🙂

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