I’m sick of being sick.

Ugh. I’ve got bronchitis. I can’t shake it? No big surprise: DS has an ear infection and he’s been stuck to me like glue for days. I can’t sleep in, because he cries and bangs on the bedroom door, despite DH’s valiant attempts to placate him. I have to carry him around the house on my back (thank god for my Ergo Baby Carrier!) to allow him to catnap and get the rest he needs (he hasn’t been napping well). He’s not eating much at all, so he’s nursing constantly, including through the night. I’m utterly exhausted. I didn’t know I could be this exhausted and still function.

Thankfully, today is looking up. DS had a great night last night. In a cruel trick of the Universe I had insomnia and lay awake for hours in the middle of the night while he slept peacefully. DS is definitely better today, though still a bit clingy. I’ve managed to pawn this week’s lectures off on someone, so hopefully I’m finally going to get some rest. I feel like my whole life has been on hold for the last 2 weeks.

I hope this is it for DS. I recall when DD got her one and only ear infection. She was 8 months old. This is the first time DS has been sick, other than spiking fevers every now and then that disappear as quickly as they arise – that immune system is working well, that’s my interpretation. Both my kids have great immune systems: bugs that knock me and DH out for a week are only a couple days of minor unwellness on the part of the kids. Thank god for breastmilk, too. When they don’t want to eat or even drink water, they will always nurse! I’m sure it’s why their immune systems are so strong to begin with. Anyways, DS has made it to 15 months before getting his first real illness. Let’s hope this is it for a while!

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