The "Beauty" Industry: what a colossal waste of money.

Today on Oprah (hey, we get one channel and usually by this time of day I’m in need of some brain downtime) they had “non-surgical” ways of “looking younger”. There was a 35 year old woman who said she bought every anti-aging product she could find b/c she was afraid of getting wrinkles. A former beauty queen hit 40 and wanted to reduce her wrinkles. The beauty queen subjected herself to injections of some sort of sugar solution that “puffed up” the wrinkles. It was obviously uncomfortable, painful even.

I just don’t get it. I really don’t. I mean sure, I want to look good. But I’m going to age and I’m going to get wrinkles. And there are plenty of attractive women who look their age. I just don’t see why anybody would waste their energy even worrying about this. I can honestly say that I could care less about wrinkles. I’m going to get them, so what? I sure as hell am not going to subject myself to facial injections for it, nor can I imagine spending hundreds of dollars on cremes and gels and all that crap. I can think of a million things I’d rather spend money on, regardless of my budget situation.

I dunno, I have to wonder if these women are lacking something in their lives, some focus or job or thing that they do that brings meaning and enrichment to their lives. I have just so much going on, I can’t imagine spending time worrying about this stuff.

And you look at the makeup industry. When I was a teenager I dove into makeup. I think mostly because it was so much fun to put on. But really, it is hard to find a woman walking around with full makeup who doesn’t look ridiculously artificial and plastic. I can’t imagine having to coat my skin with foundation and concealer and blush and all that stuff. Sure, I used to like wearing some lipstick (before I had kids and found that it ended up all over them, lol). And sometimes at evening functions when the lights are low then full makeup, when applied just right, can look good. But how often do I find myself in those situations these days? lol

So, I guess the point of all this is to say that I’m really quite baffled as to why this is so important to some women. I’m glad it’s not my obsession!

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