Wait! I have an idea… (Part 2 of 3)

So after mulling over this development, while lying awake in bed a couple nights ago, I came up with a solution. DH can go, and I’ll stay here with the kids. Plenty of people do the long-distance thing, and it need only be for a year or so. This way, we could have our income and I could still start up my business (a thought which always fills me with excitement). I was confident that my relationship with DH could stand it – after all, we spent our whole 1.5 year courtship, plus the first five months of our marriage, living in separate States. Our relationship is solid and healthy. So that wouldn’t be an issue. I was more worried about him getting lonely and depressed, especially how much he would miss the kids. And of course, I worried about how it would affect DD. But as for me well, that wasn’t a concern.

When I suggested it as one possibility he didn’t seem too crazy about it, which made me feel even more that he really wants this. He really wants us all to move back to Boston. It always depresses and worries me when he and I have opposite wants. Anyways, I am still clinging to hope that something local will pop up in the next week or so. But the fact is we are running out of financial resources to maintain us through this “dry spell”. We need him to start working again, and soon. We don’t have much choice anymore.

I spent the rest of the night dreaming about my business….

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