The power of democracy.

Today a federal election was held in Canada. I considered this the most important election in my lifetime as a voter, because we were basically being asked to choose between the socially progressive Liberals, who brought Canada to the forefront of the world when they passed same-sex legislation allowing gay people to marry. I was never more proud of my country then on that day. They also gave the finger to George W. when he decided to invade Iraq and invited us, his neighbours, to join the party. Our prime minister, Paul Martin, politely declined.

Unfortunately, the Liberals have been plagued with scandals. Bad apples can turn up in any party, and I personally don’t blame Martin or the party itself for this issue. But it has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction and anger in people. Or should I say “sheeple”. Because I was stunned to discover that, during most of the campaign, the guy in the lead was none other than Steven Harper of the Conservatives.

There has been a Conservative party in Canada since long before I was born, but today’s party is a whole different animal. They are a rebirth of the Alliance and Reform parties, which I’m embarrassed to say originated in my home province of BC. These people are, not to put to fine a point on it, a bunch of right-wing, fundamentalist religious nutjobs. These guys were apopleptic when same sex marriage was approved, and they still haven’t gotten over the rights of women to choose whether or not they wish to carry a child to term. They are pro-Iraq, anti-gay, anti-abortion and basically are just a Northern version of the Republicans and their ilk in the US.

Well, it looks as though Harper and his cronies have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of a basically progressive country of voters. He’s pretty much declared the winner now, although thankfully he has a minority government. Which means he isn’t going to be able to mess with social and human rights issues. And hopefully he will just fade away when people realize how useless his party is going to be.

Sigh. I almost feel as horrible as I did when I found out Bush had been re-elected. But I was prepared for this one. And it is a minority. So that much is good.

On behalf of Canada, I’d like to apologize for the rest of the world for turning Harper (who rivals GWB for the title of “Howdy Doody”) loose on you.

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One thought on “The power of democracy.

  1. Space Mom

    Hey, we gave you Bush…(Does this mean I can watch the Candian Hockey channels without those silly attack ads I see during the Canuck games?) Whoo hoo!

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