The preschool issue isn’t such an issue after all.

It’s strange how, just a few days ago, I characterized DD’s preschool issues as “the most difficult parenting challenge thus far”. And yet it’s amazing how much clarity can be gained in a few short days. Looking back, I guess I just didn’t have enough faith in myself to be able to accurately judge the situation. But now, I am 100% convinced that DD’s problem was that I had left her there before she was ready and this caused her to be insecure. Her trust was shaken. Leaving her crying on Thursday was a mistake, and sure didn’t help. But fortunately, I stopped that and now it’s a one-time anomaly. I have reassured DD that I will stay with her at school as long as she wants me to. I know this is the right thing to do. And I had two talks with the teachers today, who assured me they are totally supportive of my decisions and have no problem with me attending for as long as I need to. That, I must admit, was really appreciated.

One interesting thing that happened today was when the student teacher tried to “make DD feel better”. This woman is older and has a very thick Middle Eastern accent. She’s very hard to understand, and she doesn’t have that “approachability” factor, at least not with my DD. She sort of glommed onto DD today, announcing she had brought a special story for her, complete with puppet. It was called “The Kissing Hand”, and was basically about a young raccoon who didnt’ want to leave his mother to go to school. I wanted to tell the woman to nix the idea, since it was moot now – I wouldn’t be leaving. But I felt like I shouldn’t interfere in the classroom, and DD seemed to want to hear the story. Well, she looked sadder and sadder until finally she started to cry, hard, and I picked her up and soothed her. I know that she put two and two together and figured that this story was a prelude to me leaving. I reassured her in no uncertain terms that I was NOT leaving. The lady felt really bad, and so did I for not stopping her before she started. Anyways, as if I needed any more proof of DD’s issue.

So, I’ll be attending preschool until DD is comfortable with me leaving. And that is all there is to it.

Unless of course…we move to Boston! No news on that front yet…

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