And the pendulum swings again.

Okay, today we heard what I hope is good news. The Boston company wrote to let DH know that they are interviewing two local candidates next week, so won’t have an answer for at least a week and a half. That buys time for local company to get off their butts and make a decision. ‘Course now DH is thinking Boston might not make an offer – it would be a lot cheaper for them to hire local, what with relocation costs and immigration stuff.

And, DH’s recruiter called, left a message to say the local company was “very much still interested”. They’ve been playing phone tag today, DH and the recruiter, so we don’t know whether the holdup is them trying to get financing, or that they are negotiating too low with the recruiter, or what. So until DH talks to the guy, we’re not sure whether to be optimistic or not.

It occurred to us that neither of these could pan out, which hadn’t really been thinkable since we’ve been through so much of a roller-coaster during this job search it seemed Fate couldn’t really be that cruel, lol. DH sent off a resume to a job listing in Oregon today. :-/

But still, suddenly I couldn’t help but feel that we may just be staying here after all. And I was so happy! I’m afraid to put too much into this, but all I can say is today I felt hopeful.

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