Happy Birthday to Me (And my Breasts)

Today is my 38th birthday. It was a great day!

DH’s recruiter called first thing this morning to say that local company wants him, and he should hear from them Monday. And…it looks like the salary will be a bit more than we expected, more than we had hoped for. So, while none of this is a done deal until the papers are signed, this is very close to being “it”. I couldn’t be happier, yet afraid to be too happy lest we jinx it!

After that optimistic start to my birthday, Mum took me out shopping. I got fitted by a bra expert at a lingerie store that came highly recommended. It’s the first time I have ever been fitted, except when I was pregnant with DD and wanting to buy nursing bras. All my life I was fairly flat-chested, and really didn’t mind. I rarely wore bras, preferring cotton undershirts if needed. But I noticed especially after DS was born that I’m much bigger, and the cheap cotton zero-support bras just weren’t comfortable. Not to mention, I was getting self-concious about how I looked in solid print knit tops. Top heavy and dowdy describes it well. My once perky boobs have been reduced to floppy caricatures of their once well-rounded selves, lol. But it’s hard to feel too bad about it considering they’ve nursed two children – a gift that’s worth any cosmetic inconveniences!! Well, now guess what – I’m a 36C!!! Whoopee! And, when I put on a proper bra and then put my shirt on – WOW, I have great hooters! I have a figure. Finally a top half that matches my ample hips. I have a waist now! I’m just so thrilled with how I look. The ladies there at the store all joked about how women positively skip out of the store when they realize what bras really fit them. Mum was awesome, got me two bras. Not cheap at this place, but oh so worth it!! So a much needed boost to my ego, given that I’m pushing 40!

I love shopping with Mum. Not just because she is so generous, but we have a great time together. I just love my mother, and being close to her is one of the reasons I want to stay. Sure, we have polar opposite views on virtually all politics, and of course religion, lol…but as buds we get along great.

To end my perfect day, MIL came over to watch the kids, and DH and I went out to a wonderful restaurant. Candles and tablecloths, fine dining, a glass of wine. It was romantic and delicious. And we couldn’t help but be so happy and excited about what lays ahead. Because if this all goes as planned it will be such a wonderful thing for us.

And now, as I get ready for bed, I can’t help but be thankful for how wonderful my life is. I have a great husband, two fantastic kids. I love my little family SOOOO much! And it looks like we’re going to get to stay, with a job that DH is actually excited about going to, a salary that will make such a difference for us, and I can start my business!! And get to stay with family and friends. Honestly, life couldn’t get much better. What a nice way to spend my birthday – happy! Deeply and truly, happy.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me (And my Breasts)

  1. Anna B

    Hilarious! I blogged about my boobs yesterday too! Maybe I just need a new bra instead of reconstructive surgery!Happy Birthday!

  2. Space Mom

    Happy birthday! And great news on your boobs! And congrats on the job!

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