A new look, a new approach.

I decided I wanted a change in my blog template. Hope you like this one.

I’ve also been thinking that, when I started this blog, I was feeling pretty lost about my future. But only 2 weeks or so into blogging, I came upon my idea for starting my own business. And with things looking as though we’ll be staying put here in the city we love, things aren’t so “unknown” anymore. So I’m toying with my profile and such to try to better define what I’m doing.

Oh, DH hasn’t heard anything from either the local company nor the Boston one. Recruiter checked in with him this past Monday and seems to think it’s a done deal. He’ll probably check in again tomorrow. We’re getting frustrated with the wait, and it’s stressful to be on the verge of celebrating, but still worrying that the rug will be pulled out from under us.

As for my blogging, I really need to keep my posts shorter. Even I don’t feel like reading through the lengthier ones. The struggle against verbal diarrhea has been a lifelong one for me. Being able to type at the speed I think doesn’t help. :_

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One thought on “A new look, a new approach.

  1. Space Mom

    I like the long posts! And the new template

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