Job Update (i.e. More Waiting)

We haven’t heard from the Boston people, and we’re assuming that means it’s a no-go. Having found two local candidates at the last minute, the chances of them spending the extra bucks to bring DH in were slim. That’s okay though, because it’s here that we wish to be.

After two weeks waiting on the local company, we heard from them. During DH’s interview for the chip designer position, the topic of customer relations came up. DH and the CEO had a good chat about how technical folks can sometimes be a bit “socially challenged”. There is also a tendency for the desigeners to view management in an “us vs. them” kind of way. DH has worked as a customer liason before, and is very articulate, easygoing, and socially skilled. Well, it seems this gave the CEO an idea, and he’s now changed the job that DH is interviewing for. He and the VP Engineering think DH is a perfect fit for “Business Development Engineer”. Basically a customer liason. He will help customers with their questions, and also relate back customer needs to the chip design team. This is DH’s dream job, as frankly the technical stuff, while requiring a fairly extensive education, boils down to a glorified manufacturing job. The job description lists all the qualification requirements of the chip designer job, but then adds personal skills, etc. So it’s actually a “higher” position. And is also designed to be a stepping stone to senior management positions. So not only would DH love to do this job, but it will expand his career horizons considerably.

So, the CEO said he and the Engineering VP already want him in. He just needed approval of two more VPs from Finance and Marketing. DH met with them Thursday, and said it all seemed to go very well. We now await their decision. Hopefully an offer will come in. However, at the rate these guys move, we’re not expecting it any time soon, lol. Which I suppose is a bit of a blessing because I’m teaching all next week and need DH to watch the kids.

We’re both very confident that this will lead to an excellent job. We’re also too nervous to count on it, lest we jinx ourselves. So we wait….and wait….and wait…

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