Props to my Working Mom Peeps

It seems I have a fair amount of blog readers out there. I’m very flattered! I wanted to say something about my recent posts on homeschooling, socialization, etc….

We all make choices for our family based on numerous considerations, some of which are flexible, some of which are less so. I’m able to wax lyrical on socialization issues because I have made certain choices, arranged my priorities in a certain manner, that I can be a full-time SAHM and still keep a handle on my career. I have the “freedom” to pull my child from preschool. For others, it’s not such a simple decision.

I can never make choices for other families, and I hope that I don’t offend anybody with the certainty of my own decisions. They are all framed within the context of my life, my priorities, my abilities, and the way I view the world. Thus, while I hope they are convincing arguments for what I’m choosing to do, I don’t expect them to be so for everybody. As we say in La Leche League “Take what you want, and leave the rest behind”.

My thanks to all of you who visit!

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One thought on “Props to my Working Mom Peeps

  1. Space Mom

    M- You have to make your decisions. We are here to read YOUR thoughts. They are wonderful to read, but if someone gets offended by how you feel, well, raspberries on them!I love reading your views! I know that public school will be a trial by fire for S & L, but I also know they will thrive.

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