Step 2 – check. Step 3 – check. Now…throw up!

This past week I officially founded my company. Got myself registered, got a tax number. That was Step 2.

Then I hired a web designer. After much research (some of it done by a friend who’s just been through this process for her own startup company) I chose to go with these guys. I met with them and had a long chat with the design team leader. I went in there thinking I knew what I wanted. But now I’m second-guessing myself (in terms of colour schemes, general layout, etc.). Designer guy said to send him some sample websites that I like. Sad to say, I’ve come to the conclusion that most websites leave alot to be desired, and I’ve found very few that I really like so far. Anyways, that was Step 3.

What’s next? Well…frankly, this is all very exciting and very scary at the same time and mostly I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I just shelled out a fairly large amount of money, so this is suddenly becoming more and more REAL. Very soon I’m going to have a website, and be “out there” and all this is going to be REAL. And for whatever reason, I find that really scary. So the throwing up comment in my title is a reference to that.

I’m pretty sure all people who are starting up their own businesses must go through this. It seems particularly surreal given that I never imagined I’d be doing this, or that I could be doing this. Yet while I am kind of freaked out, I’m also thrilled and happy and excited and proud of myself. And very optimistic about the future. So wish me luck!!

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