A lesson in what is really important.

DH didn’t get the job.

They say they want to hire him, but have “budget constraints”. When I found out late yesterday afternoon, I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut. I was on my way out, the kids were getting a bit wired up, and what I really wanted to do was hold DH and cry. Instead I walked down to the beach and stood there watching the waves and darkening sky, as a major windstorm began. The waves were rough, the wind blew rain in my face – the mood was perfect.
But standing there, looking out at the vast ocean, I couldn’t cry though I wanted to. I soon realized that this setback is minor in the grand scheme of things. I thought about my kids, my amazing, incredible kids. How much I love my family. How great my relationship with DH is. And the fact that we are all together, happy, loving, and healthy…well, those are the things in Life that really matter. When it comes to those things, I’m truly blessed with abundance.

It’s only money. And so far, it’s not alot of money that we are in for, relatively speaking. We can handle a bit more time. We have parents who can help if need be. We aren’t going to be evicted. My kids aren’t going to starve or lack for clothes or toys or anything. It’s not the end of the world.

And really, nothing has changed. We are no worse off than we were yesterday. We just need to keep plugging on. DH has already come up with some good ideas, and will just keep pounding away at it until something comes up. I’m so proud of how he’s handled this. It’s made such a difference with us being partners in this, rather than how I treated him last fall. And as he says, at least his self-esteem isn’t blown, since the CEO himself said “I want to employ you”. Personally, I’m a bit cynical about what has happened, but I’m glad DH can feel good about himself still. He should – he’ll be an invaluable asset to whoever hires him.

I think the recruiter might be to blame for the amount of time this has dragged on, and the extent of our ignorance in just how ready these guys were to hire. I mean, we’ve been waiting for almost two weeks for an answer from the last interview, and when DH finally emails the CEO himself he gets an answer in less than 2 hours. That decision wasn’t made just then.

So, Life has thrown us another lemon. But overall, I’ve realized that yet another benefit of having a family is that it puts everything in perspective. Hug your kids tonight, mamas. Their health and happiness is the most precious gift of all.

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