I’m truly blessed.

Besides having an awesome DH and two great, healthy kiddos, it seems I’m also blessed in the career arena. For my company, I’ve established an “Advisory Board” and some wonderful mentors of mine have agreed to be listed on it. It gives me added credibility, makes it look like I’m more than a “one man operation”, and they’ve all offered to help me in any way they can. I don’t plan to ask them for much in the way of free advice, but I’m just touched that they have all been so giving and generous of their good name. My old boss in Ohio is an amazingly accomplished scientist, and also a super nice guy. The fact that he calls me a friend makes me feel so blessed. But as my Dad says, he wouldn’t like me so much if I was a stupid jerk, lol. So I suppose I can give myself some credit for making such wonderful friends.

Then today I was helping with a lab at the university, and my old PhD mentor asks me if I want a paid, summer job. He’s founded a startup and he has one tech working in his lab doing the stuff (as well as others in the UK). He wants to expand operations in the lab a bit, but he’ll be in the UK for most of the summer. He wants me to supervise the lab, assemble the data reports and put them in a meaningful order. I told him I barely have any time and he basically said I just need to “pop in” once or twice a week. The rest I can do electronically.

So, pretty cool, huh? It will be nice to bring in some extra money, especially while my business is just starting up and things will probably be slow. Mum says I should use the extra cash for a cleaning lady (that was a veiled criticism, I believe, lol). I just want to pay off our debt as fast as possible! But I admit the cleaning lady idea is tempting…I had one for a while after DS was born, but I’ve been without her for about a year now and I’m kinda used to it being messy, lol.

Anyways, I was just thinking about how I’m turning *down* work (the above summer offer was for “as much time as you can spare”) to be with my kids, and how incredibly lucky I am to be in that position

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One thought on “I’m truly blessed.

  1. JH

    Congratulations, seems like your life is going really well. I would take the summer off, this is my first year as a teacher and I am very very excited about the idea of taking the summer off. Good luck.

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