Week one: so far, so good.

We’ve made it through our first week of being a “working family” again. And so far, I think we’re doing okay. I managed to keep up with all the housework, keep the place tidy and neat (other than the living room, which is the “playroom”). I made dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday (went to Mum’s on Monday), and had enough leftovers for Thursday and Friday. I want to start experimenting with new recipes, and find creative ways to sneak veggies into DD’s diet.

I very much enjoyed having the place to myself. I didn’t realize it until DH was working, but I’ve really, really missed out on that. Being single, one always has the place to oneself. Even with 2 kids around, being the only adult retains that feel. I like coming home from an outing and finding the place how I left it. And a friend pointed out that when you are rushing around doing domestic duties while your DH is tapping away on the computer to what you are certain is yet another chat board for photo enthusiasts or amateur investors, it’s easy to get resentful and bitter and develop a deep sense of injustice that finds release by making not-so-subtle wisecracks at said DH, lol. Without him around, I can focus on being proud of what I’m doing and the fulfillment that comes with an orderly home. Sounds awfully June Cleaverish of me, I know, but I do. It’s damn hard work looking after kids and a household!

DH is definitely working “executive hours”, gone almost 12 hours a day, including commuting time. I’m handling it well, and he kindly came home early on my knitting group night (we had a great talk about the “me time” issue and seem to have reached a mutual understanding on the subject).

We get our first paycheck on the 15th. In honour of that we bought a new “game movie” today. That’s what DD calls our Nintendo 64. She has been able to use it since she was 2.5 and sometimes I think we don’t appreciate the incredible hand-eye coordination and memory required to play these games. After mastering Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, and finally Zelda and the Ocarina of Time, we have graduated to a Nintendo Game Cube. Now DD is sitting there learning a whole new hand-controller with many more buttons and many more combinations of actions, but already she is navigating very well. She’s playing Zelda and the WindWalker. I’m looking forward to some good ol’fashioned Mario Bros myself. Playing video games is a family activity ’round these parts. The kids love to watch, and often DD will hand the controller over to DH and happily let him beat the bigger baddies. I know video games have a bad rap but it really is an enjoyable activity that we all participate in. And for a 3 year old, memorizing an entire virtual world is no small accomplishment!

Speaking of expenditures, I’ve also decided to hire a cleaning service. Just twice a month, which will still be a greater frequency than my current track record. I’m great at keeping things neat and tidy, but not so great at the cleaning part. For some reason it takes me alot longer to clean things than most people, and quite frankly there are too few hours in my life to include that these days. Whatever free spurts of time I can get when the kids are sleeping, reading, or in some sort of “down time” mode (read: watching a DVD) are used for work purposes, and I have tons on my plate right now. Anyways, bottom line is that we can now afford it and life is so much better when I don’t have to worry about nasty things growing in my tub and toilets, lol.

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