Dropouts again

I think we are now Homeschooling Preschooler Group dropouts, lol. We’ve been attending this group for a few weeks now (once a week) and I don’t think we’re getting anything out of it. I know one or two of the mamas and get along with them at other functions we’ve been to but don’t seem to get to talk to them much at this group. And there are several mamas who I just don’t seem to “click” with and am basically finding myself bored there. The activities each week are just laid out on a table and mostly the kids are running around like a madhouse. It’s frankly a bit overwhelming for DD. The kids are great, but it’s still really chaotic and disorganized. I suppose this works well for them, but I’m realizing more and more that DD needs structure and this just isn’t stimulating her at all. So, since it’s not the social function I was hoping it would be for me, and since DD isn’t getting anything out of it, we’re gonna find something else to do on Thursday mornings.

What, is the question. If only I could do a Parent Participation Preschool (PPP), I think it would be great, but what to do with DS is the problem. He’s not allowed to come. Frankly I think it’s really stupid that we segregate kids so much, but that’s the way it is. So we’re left trying to find things I can do with a 1.5 year old AND a 3.5 year old. It’s a bit frustrating and hard to imagine that others don’t have this problem, but then I guess most people send their 3 year olds to preschool so maybe others don’t have this problem, lol. My friend K, who has 2 boys the same age as my kids, is in a similar boat and also quitting homelearners group (her child is very social, but overwhelmed by the chaos there, too). We’re going to try and do some weekly activities together to stimulate the kids a bit more than just our usual visits to the Aquarium and Science World.

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