A pat on the back for me.

I’m feeling quite proud of the job I’m doing as 12-hour SAHM. Today was a typical example of my days now. I was up at 7 am with DS, and got my day started with a cup of tea, laundry, and set about making pancakes for breakfast. I generally make either pancakes or waffles (multigrain for both) most mornings, and if not the kids eat a fried egg. Then I clean up from brekky and go have a shower. I’ve been showered by 10 am each morning so far, which is actually better than when DH was working at home, lol.

Dad came by at 10 for a cup of tea (its a 15 minute walk for him from his office) and to visit with the kids. After he left, we went to the local playground for about an hour. My mother was supposed to babysit while I went to my web management training session, but it was cancelled, so I told her she didn’t need to come (we rescheduled for Friday) and called up my buddy K. She brought her 2 boys over to play while I got the kids lunch. I made a “spicy carrot dip” but it was a bit of a bust b/c my old food processor finally broke down for good. But at least I made the effort!

The weather was lovely so we walked down to the beach and the kids got nice and wet and sandy, lol. Finally around 5 we headed home, stopped at the grocery store for some fresh snapper for dinner. When we got home, I tossed the kids in the bath, tidied up, vaccuumed the floor (handy having a small place, I can see them in the bathtub from almost anywhere in the living room and kitchen) and started on dinner. They messed the place up a wee bit while I was cooking, but after dinner I managed to tidy it up before DH got home, and just finished cleaning the kitchen when DS started to fuss for bedtime. I was putting him in his night diaper when DH walked through the door.

I had just made a pot of tea, and now I’m sitting here sipping it while DH puts DS to sleep. It’s been a looong day, with tons of walking (have I mentioned how much I love living downtown, where I’m right by the beach, grocery stores, and all the businesses too? ), hauling DS on my back in my Ergo carrier (couldn’t live without it!). Who needs Fitness World??

Anyways, I feel really really good about how tidy my house is, how hard I’m working, and how much I’m also enjoying it. I haven’t “lost it” with the kids at all, which is surprising since I used to before when DH was around. It’s a whole different feel not having him here during the day, and while I miss him, I’m happy with it this way. So here’s to me and a job well done! 🙂

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