Yay for DD

So we signed up for a gymnastics class at a real gymnastics club (i.e. not a community centre program) for 3 and 4 year olds. It’s a non-parent participation class, but the gym has a “loft” that looks right down on it, so you can see the kids and they can see you. And some genius put a small play area up there so the toddler siblings have something to do. It’s brilliant, and we had our first class yesterday.

I was curious to know how DD would react. She has never been in a non-parent participation class, and since our preschool dropout experience I hadn’t even considered it. But just in the last few weeks DD has been going crazy at the playground, climbing up tall ladders, balancing on structures that she wouldn’t try before, etc. So I thought we should give it a try.

She did great – and it was a challenging situation. First, we were late trying to find the place. Second, it was the third week of the term so the other kids were familiar with the place and the instructors. DD went and sat down with the other kids, but when she saw me leaving to go to the viewing room she broke down and cried and ran to me. I held her and soothed her and secretly wondered if I’d be begging for a refund by the end of it all. But the kids got up to do their stuff and she seemed interested so I just held her and we watched, slowly moving closer to them. She soon stopped crying and was talking to me about what they were doing. When they went to the “circuit” area she was hooked. She soon ran in to join them and there she was bouncing on a tramp, doing somersaults, climbing big foamy block thingys, and walking the balance beam. She was smiling from ear to ear, hopping with excitement, and I was able to walk away and go upstairs. I decided not to announce to her that I was leaving, but just ran as fast as I could and then ran over to the railing when I was up there, to look down on her. I was worried that I would see her in hysterics but she was smiling and waving at me and so excited! Whew!!

She can’t wait to go again next week. I’m thrilled, and watching her was so much fun. It’s true that kids change so much at this age. I don’t think she would have done this just 3 months ago, and now she’s doing it! Makes me look forward to what lies in store for her (fingers crossed that she gets into Wondertree School this fall!).

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