Mundane Musings

I’ve gotten over my mini-crisis of flunking out of gym class. I had a nice chat with a mommie friend whose DD was apparently the exact same way. She described it as “three strikes and you’re out” because her DD would be okay the first time they did something like that, then break down the second time, and then all-out refuse to go the third, at which point they’d drop out. Sounded familiar to me. What was also reassuring is their DD is now 5. Last week at our Easter Egg hunt in the park, that little 5 year old happily took my hand and walked with me and my kids around the path while her mother “conferred with the Easter Bunny to find out where he hid our eggs”. I’ve only met their DD a handful of times and never interacted with her for more than a minute, yet she was happy to go with us and chat. So I know there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. I mean, I always knew that, but it was great to see it in action. Since then, I’m finding myself appreciating DD even more, strangely enough, because I’m looking even closer at her and the little aspects of her personality and just falling in love with her all over again. It’s a nice feeling.

In other news, my business has launched!! I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want my blog connected with it, but it’s live now. The only thing missing is a picture of me. Right now, there’s a stock photo of some business-woman model holding it’s place. My best friend said nobody would notice, and she is right – so far the folks I’ve sent the link to for review have not commented, lol. I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted that they didn’t look that close, he he. I also finalized the design of my letterhead and business card today, very exciting. I’ll be going off to the printer next week to have it set and printed. Then, I’ll be ready to go! My first order of business will be writing an article for a monthly publication that goes to all the lawyers in my province. Hopefully that will generate some interest, then I’ll had out business cards to all my friends and relatives to pass on to their lawyer aquaintances. Fingers crossed! I think when I get my first client I’ll be so nervous I’ll throw up, lol.

DH’s job is going really well. He works for a startup company that actually has a product and one that you could see people actually wanting to buy. And…some big names are getting quite interested. Not only is this satisfying for DH from a career perspective (he’s basically the Project Manager) but since he has the requisite stock options we might even stand to make a bit of a bonus if things keep going well for the company. Add to this that the real estate market here is finally starting to slow a bit (I think we’re gonna have a bit of a crash; interest rates are going up and the insane frenzy that was the market last summer drove too many people to max themselves out based on ridiculously low rates. They could go up by another 50% and I’d still think they were good. So I see a dream home in my future!

That’s all there really is to report right now. SAHM-ing is back into a great routine and I’m enjoying it immensely. I enjoy it more now that I don’t have help during the day from DH, isn’t that strange? Oh, my cleaning service started today. It was quite a job I had for them, but they were great. Oh man, now I remember how much I loved walking through the door to a clean house. I practically raced to the bathroom just to stare at the sparkling ceramic all around me, lol. I’m one happy mama!

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