Family Life

I love being a family. I love just hanging out at home on a drizzly day with DH and the kids. Right now, I’m sitting here at my laptop while DH and DD play Nintendo. They’re playing some old eighties game called Gauntlet, a 2 player game where they have to work together to beat the bad guys and collect items while navigating a maze. They are SO cute together. DD is a total pro at video games. She has a truly photographic memory, can tell you how to get to places in any number of complex virtual worlds, can remember more than half a dozen different moves involving various combinations of buttons on the controller. It’s amazing to watch. But mostly it’s just fun. DS is watching them and giggling at all the appropriate places, and some not so appropriate, but the point is he’s having fun. And we’ve got the XM satellite radio going. We listen to Fred. It’s like reliving my youth. The last few songs were: I Am Superman by REM, Love Missile F1-11 by Sigue Sigue Sputnik (if you remember this one you are definitely from my old “scene”), then was Erasure’s Oh L’Amour, Fascination Street by the Cure, and now some XTC to round it all out. I love Fred. The music brings me back to my night clubbing days (or night, more accurately). Those were happy times and I remember them fondly. But I don’t want to bring them back. Now my idea of a great Saturday night is doing just what we’re doing right now.

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