It’s 1:15 am and I’m up with DS who just asked me to put in a different DVD. Apparently, watching the same 4 Dora episodes for the last two hours just isn’t doing it for him anymore. The interesting thing about all this is that he doesn’t talk yet. He just says “Ah-Ah!”. It’s amazing how communicative he can be. Like just now he said “ah-ah” and that meant “press the play button on the DVD remote so I don’t have to stare at this menu any longer”. When I am slow on the uptake, he’ll take my hand and guide me through the process. He has placed remote controls in my hand, spoons, sippy cups, and other items in an attempt to get it through my thick head that he wants TV, food, a drink, etc.

Do you read a TV theme here? Yes, my son is a TV junkie. Or, I should say, a DVD junkie because we don’t do cable. What a joke. We decided not to get cable when we moved back here because in our last home DD ended up watching Noggin pretty much all day. Actually, it’s more accurate to say it was on all day, but she still did alot of other stuff around the house because she was not really that into TV until she was past 3. Even now she won’t watch feature length movies. Just Elmo’s world or Dora or Blue’s Clues…not Nemo or Toy Story or anything I’d be remotely intersted in watching with her. But DS is different. He actually liked those Baby Einstein videos from the time he couldn’t even roll over. Now, at age 19 months, he comes home from an outing and marches right over to the TV. Yep, my mother pointed this out to me the other day (thanks, Mum, I hadn’t noticed) and so now I feel I need to “do something” about this. My toddler loves watching TV. Or DVD’s. He could probably watch the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy quite happily. He also likes watching DD play Nintendo. I guess he thinks it’s also a movie. Nintendo keeps them both happy and with only one controller. Wahoo.

Yes, DD is a computer whiz. At age 2.4 years she figured out that pointing the mouse and then clicking it “did” stuff, and it didn’t take long for her to master every game at sesamestreetworkshop.org. We also have an old Nintendo 64 that DH and I bought for ourselves b/c it was cheap and the games were even cheaper. Our first game was Zelda and the Ocarina of Time, then Banjo Kazooie. Last summer DD figured out how to play both games, and eventually completed them. So we bought Banjo Tooie. And she did that one. And then to celebrate his new job (and paycheck) DH bought a Game Cube. He got her a Winnie the Pooh game but frankly she was bored senseless by it. I admit, it’s pretty boring. So we got the next incarnation of Zelda and she is deep into that mission. She and DH do it together after he gets home from work. It’s their bonding thing. She sits between his legs while he navigates and wields the sword, and she tells him how to get to places and solves puzzles.

Now before you think my DD is a GameHead, we are actually amazed and impressed by her abilities. These become particularly evident when other kids her age come by, and can’t figure out Pooh. Take Banjo for example. That game uses six keys plus the toggle for movement direction. There are many different moves, I’d say about a dozen, and each requires a different combination of the six keys. She knows every one of them. Then you pop in Zelda, and it’s the same dizzying array of moves, only the keys you push are different combinations. She knows all them, too. Games like Banjo and Zelda take place in a virtual world and damned if DD can’t find her way around all of them like she had a map in her head (I guess she does). She obviously got DH’s sense of direction, because I get lost whenever I leave the city for the suburbs (and I grew up here, too). So call us irresponsible but DD rocks at Nintendo. My only concern is there is alot of sword play and fighting. So far she hasn’t tried to do this IRL, nor has she shown any interest in fighting, etc. My concerned mother tried to tell her “this is all pretend” and DD kept insisting that it was a real game, not a pretend game, lol.

So, what am I doing up at this hour with DS? Well, I failed the Test of Parental Courage and Merit. Which is to say that DS skipped his nap this afternoon and then, no surprise, on the way home from the beach he fell asleep. It was like, 5:30 pm. I was so tired, I just wanted to crash myself. Even though I knew I’d pay for it later, I let him sleep. And sleep. I mean, who wants to wake up a sleeping babe, right? It’s a tough challenge. You know they’ll be up late, but right now the peace is SO nice….Well, he woke up at 7:30 and – no surprise – was not the least bit tired a couple hours later. So here we are. And I’m letting him watch a movie because I’m too darned tired to do anything else and it lets me blog.

Okay, I’m going to try taking him to bed now and see if I can get him to fall asleep by shoving a boob in his face and hoping he doesn’t wake DH and DD up. Fortunately, DS doesn’t seem to make up for late nights quite as much as DD does. He’ll be up relatively early, given his very late night, and so will hopefully end up napping at his usual time tomorrow (DD will sleep in just as late as she was up the night before, which merely perpetuates her late nights, but then the kid has always been a night owl and I don’t really mind).

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2 thoughts on “Ah-Ah!

  1. Space Mom

    AH ha! You broke my cardinal rule of parenting which is “Never let a child nap past 4pm”Keep that in mind in the future!WE have TV junkies, but to a point. I realized that S needed TV to slow her brain down. It is HARD on her to get it slowed.Have you tried the Nick Jr games? S loves the Dora doggie bone game.. It’s hard to coordinate the mouse and hand clicks.What surprises me is how easily S converts between a mouse and a touch pad on my laptop. I never thought a kid could do that!

  2. Anna B

    I think you would love Minds of Boys by Gurian. It explains this boy-TV deep love. DS would watch TV all day, never move and be happy as a clam. We have our one-hour only rule because it was becoming convenient for me. At this DD’s age, DS loved Blue’s Clues, and would work to learn the signs in the song. DD has never looked at the TV more than a minute or two when someone was dancing.

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