Having fun, you don’t wish you were here

I am actually enjoying myself. Last night my dear, dear friend was able to come and visit me in my hotel room. I thought she’d be working (she works nights) but she got off early and we spent a [b]blissful[/b] 3 hours gabbing away about life, our kids, parenting, marriage, etc. It was so nice; at times I had to pinch myself to believe we were chatting together IRL. Even when I was living in Cleveland, she and I hardly saw each other, so this was a long time coming. She’s an amazing, devoted mother and friend and her visit just made my visit!

And, its true that being a mother means you never need as much sleep as you used to. I went to bed at 1:45 am and woke up at 7:15 and man, did I feel good, lol. I slept SO well!!! Tonight I shouldn’t be up that late, and will sleep even better. This is nice.

So yes, I am really enjoying my visit. AND… I found a froggie stuffed toy for DD. She specifically asked for one and I was worried that I would never find one, but they had them in the hospital (where the lab is) gift shop!

As for the title of this post. Cleveland is still dullsville. Sorry, R, I know you live here, but I think you probably agree with me, lol.

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