Time for an upbeat post.

Seems to me that lately I’ve been doing a lot of whining. I’ve even written a couple of posts that I decided not to post because they were too long and whiny. This blog was supposed to be more of a creative writing, talk about my life kind of thing. Not a diary where I rant about stupid, mundane, crap.

Today I applied for a spot in a local housing co-op. I’ve never considered living in one before. Two things drew my attention. First, I can get a 3 bedroom suite in a house (yes, with a yard and common area) for less rent then I’m paying for our 2 bedroom apartment, and in one of the city’s most expensive semi-urban neighbourhoods (Kitsilano, for those familiar). Also, after being camping this past week with a group of mamas I know who are all crunchy/GD types like myself and seeing how great it is to let your kids roam around knowing the other mamas are watching out and know whom each kid belongs to…well, it does have a certain appeal. So I wrote an application, complete with mini-essay on why we want to live in community housing. Being a long-time member of the MotheringDotCommune I knew the lingo. I also know people who live in co-op housing and so I have an idea of what it’s about.

Then I went out with the family today. Man, I love my urban ‘hood. I mean, you really cannot beat downtown Vancouver in the summer. It was a gorgeous day and we walked through the West End and then Yaletown to David Lam Park. The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold. Sunny. And as we walked there and then home again I thought to myself: am I crazy? I want to leave this neighbourhood – in the SUMMER? Let me wax lyrical about how much I love my urban ‘hood…

The International Fireworks competition is the definite highlight, with several hundred thousand people flocking to the downtown core, where they shut down all vehicle traffic on those nights. One of the things I like best is when it’s over and you walk along streets that are literally rivers of humanity, packed full of crowds and no cars at all. It’s a really neat experience. Being able to walk from your doorstep to the show is a real plus. You get to sit on a spectacular beach and watch the sunset while fireboats display their talents with seawater hoses, then watch an incredible fireworks show, complete with music.

Then there’s the Gay Pride Parade, one of North America’s oldest and best. Not only is it a fun and funky affair, but what I love best about it is how accepted it is here. I mean, this guy in this photo here is a REAL police officer. All the cops and firemen participate, the mayor and half of city council are there, and it’s FUN. The kids love all the “Pride Beads” (think Mardi Gras necklaces) and candies thrown by parade participants, although often they hand us a pack of condoms “look mama, balloons!” which are much appreciated by us parents (especially when they come with free samples of the latest lubes, lol). The whole city turns out, but they march right through my neighbourhood, so again it’s a cinch to attend.

I remember after living in repressive, conservative Cleveland I practically kissed the first gay couple I saw after I returned to Vancouver. I mean, it’s so common to see gay couples holding hands while walking down the street, or a lesbian couple snuggling on the beach, right alongside senior citizens feeding pigeons, and families having picnics on the grass. You can’t buy this kind of diversity, and my kids get to grow up among it. What a gift!

Anyways, as you can tell, I really love living here in the West End and I’m not so sure a move to Kits is the right thing. So, we’ll see how the application goes, but unless the suite is to die for, I’m kinda thinking I would like to stay put. I’m going to kind of let Life decide. If we make it to the interview process, we’ll go from there.

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One thought on “Time for an upbeat post.

  1. Anna B

    There is such a road trip in my future. I have several internet friends who live in the area. Once I think my kids can travel in the truck cross-country and arrive without my having put a revolver in my mouth, we are there!

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