Midnight Ramblings

It’s actually 1 am now. Both kids are awake. DD had a nap this afternoon, so it’s not a surprise, although she has been sick with a cold so I didn’t expect that nap to have that much influence. Probably it’s more that I’m up, and she doesn’t like to go to bed without me. DS, OTOH, should not be awake. He went down at his usual time of 8 pm, but he seemed light when I put him down, and he woke up around 10. So now he’s awake, and DH has gone to sleep, so I’m kind of screwed. DS doesn’t nurse to sleep unless he’s in that “beyond tired” stage. And he ain’t there yet.

I’m really looking forward to my Mother’s Helper, “D”, starting on Thursday. Since it’s her first day this week, we’ll all be hanging out together. But as she and the kids get settled with each other, I will be using this opportunity to get out and do some work. I’m eager to get some clients, and I’m in the networking/marketing stage of things now. Between D and my mother, who always spends Monday’s with us, I should have enough time to get something productive done. However, I’m trying to schedule my first appointment and am already running into roadblocks. She wants to meet late, and it’s after D gets off, and so now I’m having to go back and forth between lawyer-lady and my mother to see if mother can babysit. Sigh. The realities of being a working mother.

I’ve decided my rash application to the co-op housing vacancy was really just an impulse fueled by the lure of a larger home for less money. I don’t want to move. I love my ‘hood. Enough said last post, I won’t bore you with it again. But I did want to mention that I’ve moved around a LOT since I first left home 20 years ago, and usually I get restless after a couple of years, or I just get tired of where I’m living, or I downright hate it. But I still love this neighbourhood we’re in now, so I think this is where we’re going to end up settling for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping we’ll be looking to buy a place this time next year, and I think we’re going to look right around here.

Yes, I am feeling the urge to move. And going to Ikea today didn’t help. I have never had a place of my own to decorate. I have always felt that, being a renter, there is only so much you can put into a place before it becomes a waste of money (and some owners don’t want you doing anything anyways), and so I keep waiting until we finally buy a place and just design rooms in my head. I know it will happen, and it won’t be too long now, but I need to be patient.

Last year, DH and I cashed in on an investment and paid off all our debts. Yup, other than my student loan (which I never count because the interest is so low) we were completely debt-free. Not many couples at our age (pretty much 40) can say that. But, then DH’s job search went on alot longer than we’d hoped, and then I started my business, and now we’re in debt again. It’s not a huge amount, relatively speaking. Importantly, DH is now bringing home a decent paycheck, so we should be able to pay it all off in just over a year. I can’t WAIT. And until we are debt-free again, we’re not going to look at real estate. I realize that most normal people carry more debt than just a mortgage, but after being saddled with debt, then coming out of it and being debt-free well….there’s just no going back. So I need to be patient.

In the meantime, I’ll just decorate in my head. Besides, until the kids are a bit older, there’s not much point. The place screams “young children live and play here” and that’s okay with me. I’m not going to wish away their childhood just so I can put framed photos on tabletops and place coordinating knick knacks in strategic locales.

Okay, let’s see if I can get these kids to sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Midnight Ramblings

  1. Space Mom

    Hey there!Hope the kids got some sleep.The ‘hood is more important than the space. Enjoy what you have!And enjoy your mother’s helper! I need to hire mine for the summer again!

  2. Anna B

    I hate where I live for many reasons. I am nomadic as well. And I SUCK at decorating, so I never even bother.

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