Summer is here.

I know the solstice is still a couple of weeks away, but it sure felt like summer this evening.

Tonight I decided I just had to try to get my kids to bed at a reasonable hour. All week they’ve been up way past 10 pm and with DH away until Saturday evening I really needed a break. So at 7:45 pm I put DS on my back and DD in the umbrella stroller and went for a walk. I was determined to walk until they both fell asleep. I headed down to the beach, and stopped for a slice at DD’s fave pizza place. She fell asleep not long after eating it, lol. DS, on the other hand, never succumbed. Still, with DD asleep I was able to watch the movie I’d optimistically rented, TransAmerica. I enjoyed it, but then I pretty much enjoy any adult movie that I get to watch uninterrupted these days (and no, I don’t mean porn; that and cigarettes are two things I gave up when I had children and will probably never enjoy again, lol).

Anyways, we headed down towards the beach. The streets were busy, but not overcrowded. The weather was perfect. I won’t bore you all with yet another rant about how much I love my city, but suffice to say that staring at the gorgeous blue sea and all the lush greenery of the trees can lift anyone’s heart. I’d been having some serious “cabin fever” issues today, but luckily it didn’t rain as forecasted and we ended up going out three times today.

I’ve decided to make these evening walks a habit. First, I need the exercise (somehow in the last month I put on 6 pounds – no more Haagen Daaz Rocky Road for me!). Second, if it gets DD to sleep before me I’m happy. Third, it’s a wonderful way to lift my spirits. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll put them both in the double stroller and maybe they’ll both go to sleep (the Ergo is a surefire way to get him to sleep for a nap, but for some weird reason it never works at bedtime). And, after I’ve lost a few lbs, there’s a lovely gelato place on the way home.

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