Worried about DS

It struck me yesterday, when DS turned 20 months old, that he still doesn’t talk. He doesn’t use any words, not even mama. There is only one word he knows, and that is “apple”, but he’s never used it except to repeat after someone else and he’s never used it to ask for an apple.

After Googling the subject, and then starting a thread on the subject on my parenting board, I have become concerned. I know Googling things is a great way to get all worried about nothing, but hearing from loads of parents does make me realize that DS is quite limited in his language abilities. I’ve got that clenched feeling in my chest. In my head I’m okay. Whatever he has, be it hearing issues or language delay issues, we can deal with it and it’s certainly not the worst thing that could happen. It’s just hard to think that your child has something “wrong” with them. It makes me just want to hold him tight and protect him, y’know?

Our appointment isn’t for another 2 weeks, so in the meantime I’m going to try to teach him some signs and see if that helps. I think he is getting frustrated sometimes that he can’t tell us exactly what he wants. I hope it turns out that he’s just late with this, as he has been with many other things. He is, after all, a boy. 🙂

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One thought on “Worried about DS

  1. Kate Ryan

    First of all–don’t panic, all is probably fine. Many kids are “late talkers”. Having said that–I was in the same place when my daughter was 19 months old. She turned out to have a severe hearing loss–but with hearing aids and speech therapy, she learned to listen and speak like everyone else. Now she is almost 12, and I swear I find myself telling her to please hush–then stop myself from interrupting her when I remember when I thought she wouldn’t ever speak! Whether your child is simply a late talker, or if hearing issues are involved–it will be ok. My guess is–you will look back on this blog entry one day and remember your fears, and then feel immense relief as you hear your child chattering in the background asking for his turn on the computer! 🙂 Hang in there–the unknown is the toughest part. Once you know what is up, then you can begin to tackle the issue hands on! 🙂

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