Spring Urges

No, it’s nothing as exciting as I’m sure you’re imagining. Yesterday the urge hit me to declutter the house. We checked out our storage locker to see what exactly was in there, and I found a box of my old Troll Collection from when I was a kid. That was sufficient to keep DD occupied for hours while DH and I sorted through two rooms of crap.

I cannot believe how much kids’ clothing we have (grown out of). If I had the time, I wish I could find good homes for all of it. But I don’t have the time so it’s all going to the Sally Ann. I don’t even particularly like that organization but hey, I know where they are and they’ll take all of it, sort it, and make good use of it. We also got rid of many adult clothes, some old shoes, framed pictures, you name it. Things like winter clothes and clothes the kids may still be able to wear next year went into bins and into our storage locker.

If you’ve never decluttered you definitely need to give it a try. Watch that show Clean Sweep if you want some good pointers. DH and I are seasoned pros, having moved so many times, including cross-country, which meant putting things in storage, etc. Every time we do it, it feels like a 100 pound weight lifted off my soul. Too many possessions is like baggage for your soul, and it always amazes me how good it feels to pare things down.

So the place looks alot better, and there is a bit more room, but still there is too much in our storage locker. The solution for that is to get a permanent place, to buy a place where we can find permanent places for things like Mum’s formal Chinese dinner set (I will entertain again some day, I know I will!), and my entire book collection (and yes, I’ve even pared this down, but my books are truly sacred to me). So while it felt good to declutter, I still feel like we have a ways to go and will have to wait until we are ready to buy a home.

My final challenge, and one that DH has been working me on for years, is my Breyer model horse collection. Oh, those plastic ponies meant the world to me as a kid. I saved up for those things ($14 each in those days, which was a LOT) diligently, named each one, and loved them all. I always imagined I’d pass them on to my future daughter. And although DD may become horse crazy some day and want them in her bedroom, these days when I look at them my thoughts are more like “boy, those are gonna be a bitch to dust”.

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One thought on “Spring Urges

  1. Nomie

    I need to de-clutter too, I have a closet packed to the ceiling and the door only opens four inches. How I got that stuff in is beyond me. And, I have hundreds of Breyers..and they are a bitch to dust, which is why the poor things only get dusted twice a month. Gross huh?

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