Wanting a change

It’s been almost 2 years that we’ve been in this apartment. Since I first left home at age 18, there have been few times I’ve lived in one place this long. Usually I get restless and decide I don’t like the apartment or the neighbourhood (or even the country, lol). Right now I’m going through the first one. I’m getting tired of this apartment.

My biggest issue is that it faces North and doesn’t get direct sunlight. Also, as an older building, the windows aren’t that big. I like the modern floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a lot of light. Our balcony has solid concrete walls, which may bring some assurance to safety concerns, but otherwise makes it a dark, shady box. I’m finding especially as summer is here, that I’m getting almost depressed inside. What I mean is, on days when the kids and I spend a lot of time indoors I have a harder time being a good parent and feeling on top of my game. It becomes really important to get us out of the house, even if it’s just running errands around the neighbourhood. And I find myself wishing that, when I returned home, I could feel more connected with the outdoors, maybe sit on a sunny deck, throw open the sliding doors, etc.

Alot of this feeling is also connected to the decluttering exercise we did this past weekend. It’s tough not owning the place and being able to redecorate, make the changes I’m constantly envisioning in my mind. It’s a waste of money, and it’s not going to be very long-term. I love, love, love my neighbourhood, and I love the size of our place and the layout but….I want a change! I want to settle, find a place for everything, and chuck whatever ends up not having a place, lol.

The plan right now is major debt-reduction mode. We should be debt-free in under 2 years. In about a year we will start looking for a place to buy. I’m impatient, but I know that one year is really not that long. For now, I’ll just try to maximize my time outdoors. 🙂

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