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I haven’t had much time to write these days. It’s summer and I prefer to be outside. I get stir crazy if I’m still home at noon. And frankly, I haven’t had alot to say. Isn’t that sad? Mind you, I have come to appreciate these “boring” times: peaceful, nothing rocking the boat. I know firsthand that in one moment Life can knock you off your feet, and you never know when that moment will come. So better that things be calm and uneventful, I say.

We visited friends on the weekend who live on the Island (that’s Vancouver Island). It’s fun to take the ferry over there. They have a house on a half-acre in a picturesque valley. The view from their sun-drenched deck is to die for. I woke up early with DS one morning and sat on the deck sipping tea while watching horses grazing in rolling fields while the sun sat on a treed mountain ridge, and a million birds swooped and glided over the small lake bordering their backyard. It was an enviable sight, and for a few brief hours after we arrived I wondered if this was what I wanted. But after a couple of days I decided that, while it would make a nice vacation property, I simply couldn’t live there. First, a house is SO much work. They are doing major renovations (he does that sort of thing for a living) which is a never-ending cost and a stress on their marriage. Just keeping the house clean, and the huge yard, is almost a full time job. And with all that space (keep in mind we’re apartment dwellers), the list of “must-haves” is huge. There’s a playhouse and play kitchen on the deck. An old swing set in the yard will soon be replace by a huge wooden play structure. They have a little pool that may become an above-ground adult sized one soon. They have a storage room off the garage with windows that look into the backyard. From the yard I could see it stuffed full with all manner of things, from gardening tools and landscaping items to every sort of household thing you can imagine. I couldn’t bear to own so much STUFF. Living in small spaces certainly has its advantages. And I simply wouldn’t enjoy spending so much time at home, which you have to if you want to maintain a place like that.

But DH and I did decide we would like to buy some land on the Island. And I want to put a Yurt on it. Check out that link: they are the coolest thing! DH suggested we buy some land before we even buy a condo. It wouldn’t be too hard – land is still cheap over there, but I don’t think it will be for long. The place is growing and land is more finite there than here on the mainland. Anyways, we’ll see how that goes.

Right now I’m reading a cool book called “What we believe but cannot prove”. I think this is a sign that my brain is recovering from childbirth. I used to be addicted to such books. I own almost everything by Steven J. Gould and Steven Pinker. I also have Dawkins, and Ridley, and a few fun reads on Quantum Physics. All I’ve been able to read since I had kids are parenting books and paperback novels. But I picked this up after DH was done with it and I’m loving it. I’m feeling like a scientist again. I realized as I was reading that I identify myself as that, it’s part of who I imagine myself to be. Kinda cool. I think, as a child, I would be happy that I ended up this way. Now I just have to get myself a barn full of horses – that would almost complete my childhood aspirations.

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One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. Anna B

    We are getting a yurt for our homeschool group. This builder is about 1/2 mile from my house.http://www.yurts-r-us.com/

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