Another kids movie where the mother bites it

My DD just went through a Finding Nemo phase and now it’s Land Before Time. In both these movies, the mother dies. WTF is up with that????? I mean, could there be any fear more deeply rooted in a child than losing their mother? And it’s not just these movies, either. Remember Bambi? I still recall bawling in the movie theatre when I was a small child. Anybody recall a Christmas special called Nestor the Long-Eared Donkey (done in the same stop-motion animation as Rudolph)? His mother dies by covering him with her body in a snowstorm. Somewhere out there in Hollywood-land, there are some really sicko screenwriters.

This recent one though, Land Before Time, is really bad. I know it came out years ago and I remember all the hype, but not having a child then I never saw it. First, the animation is nothing impressive, IMO. Though perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Pixar. Second, the story is freakin’ depressing. Not only does the mother get offed, with a death-scene that will render any mother a sobbing basketcase (“mother, don’t leave me mother!”) but then in two separate scenes the little one thinks he sees her, only to have his joy and hope dashed into smithereens. Bad enough you have to knock her off, but then we have to relive the loss every few scenes. Seriously, I cannot watch this movie, and every time I hear Diana Ross crooning during the credits, I have to fight back the urge to sob. And yet, since I haven’t actually allowed myself to indulge in the emotion, it seems I just get pissed off instead. Life throws enough crap at us. I don’t need a freakin’ cartoon movie to make me depressed. Pass the popcorn and a St. John’s Wort capsule, please. I have to hear my deepest fears brought to life by a bunch of animated dinosaurs with nauseatingly cutesy voices. Thanks alot Steven Spielberg!!

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