Operation Bedtime Boot Camp

Things were going well. Then I went out for the evening, as I do every Wednesday for knitting group. You’d think I’d have learned by now not to tidy the house on Wednesdays because when I come home from knitting group it always looks like a hurricane blew through the place. DH seems to let them get into anything and everything and doesn’t bother trying to pick up after them, which makes me think that really, he can’t handle looking after the two of them (yes, I did go to Cleveland for 3 days but on each of those days he recruited a friend or grandparent to be there all day). But, I digress.

Despite being woken up prematurely that morning, and despite DS not having napped, both kids were wide awake when I got home just before 9:30 pm. Apparenly, DS had gone to sleep and then woken up a mere 45 minutes later. Great, so he did have a nap after all – at 7:30 pm! So he and his sister were up to some ridiculous hour, me having gone to bed soon after getting home. DS did his usual wandering in and out of bed, nursing, until eventually that magic hour arrived where he nursed to sleep, and then I wandered out into the living room to carry a sleeping DD into her bed.

Since then, things have been inconsistent. It’s all actually a blur to me, but DS hasn’t been down early since, and started taking afternoon naps yesterday and today (after 4 days of no nap). Bedtimes have been late, though this evening DS was asleep about 8:30. Anyways, I’m determined to start the whole process again this Monday and see what happens. But I’m beginning to suspect that, like other bedtime programs, this one will work only as long as I can force the schedule – and the minute there’s a setback the kids’ biological clocks will dominate and both will be up late. I suppose I should just give in and not try to fight Mother Nature. To be honest, even if they are both asleep by 9:30 it doesn’t give me much in the way of “me time” because I’d like to go to bed at 9:30 myself.

The meal planning thing, however, has been a whopping success. More on that in a later post.

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