Bedtime update

The bedtime boot camp seems to have worked, though it’s not like both kids are asleep in bed by 8 pm, which would be nice I admit. However, the results are not bad, either. It appears that DS is definitely dropping his afternoon naps. He napped only 2 out of the last 7 days, and when he didn’t nap he was asleep by 7. Even when he did nap, it wasn’t ridiculously late that he was up, so I think that waking him up is acheiving my goal with him. As for DD, she seems to manage to stay up late even when having been woken up early that morning. As she is right now. But she is tired and is happy to just veg out in front of a movie, which gives me decent computer time. So I will keep waking her up but I’m not too hopeful that she will ever be an “early-to-bed” girl. And that’s okay. At least she is coming to bed with me, and not staying up way past the time I want to go to bed. So I think this is a success. At least they aren’t both up until 11 anymore!

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