Am I Blogworthy?

I was recently referred to a very funny post over at Mom101. I was literally cracking up while reading it. I then decided that if this woman was so funny, I should check out some of the blogs she reads. I soon found myself entering a hitherto-unexplored realm of Serious Bloggers. Many of them were writing about an upcoming convention called BlogHer.

I admit it, after reading so many of these blogs, following the links like cookie crumbs across the World Wide Web, I started to feel really inadequate. My inane musings and blathering and whining looked positively infantile next to these examples of interesting, funny, inciteful writers. And I began to wonder if I should even be blogging. Maybe I just wasn’t Blogworthy.

Well, after following another trail of links I read some posts referring to chats about how to make your blog noteworthy, increase traffic, etc and it began to hit me that these people aren’t blogging for themselves, they are blogging for the readership. There is an actual goal to be popular.

Now, I totally don’t begrudge them this. They are obviously writers, or aspiring writers, and this is a way of following their craft, taking it to the next level for them. I think it’s wonderful. But I have to tell you I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realized that there was probably alot of work going into each of those posts, and I’ll bet a bit of pressure to come up with witty and pithy topics, too. I write because I have the urge to get something off my chest. I’m still amazed when people comment on my posts – amazed that anybody is actually interested in what I have to say, so much so that they use up precious internet time to read my blog. I’m grateful to all of you for making me feel like I’m not alone out there when I empty the contents of my mental worry box onto the page. Writing has always been therapeutic for me. And I mean writing with a “lower case” w. So I’ll continue with it, if you all don’t mind. 🙂

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One thought on “Am I Blogworthy?

  1. Mom101

    Well hello, dahlink! How nice of you to literally crack up at my post. May I recommend some Crazy Glue for that?If I may contribute to this discussion: From what I’ve seen, people write–blog–for all sorts of reasons. Popularity may be a factor, but I think for the serious writers, as you put it (and I’m pleased that that’s how you define them) that’s a bit of a mischaracterization. I think that blogging is the end for some people, a means to an end for others and it’s all equally valid, as you suggest. Nothing wrong with writers pushing each other to be better writers; nothing wrong with a cathartic vent or a rambly brain dump.So are you Blogworthy? As far as I can tell, absolutely. Just enjoy it.

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