I’m in Business!

This past Friday I received my first phone call from a potential client. I would like to mark that day, July 28, as THE day I answered my first busines call, but there’s a humorous twist to the story. The guy who called me thinks that “someone” is aiming some sort of electromagnetic “weapon” at him via his computer screen, and believes this is the source of some “radiation burns” he has sustained. In other words, this poor guy is a paranoid delusional fellow. I resisted the tempation to hang up on him. Instead I treated him with dignity and respect. After all, I’m a professional now. And, of course, this poor soul really believes this stuff which must make for a pretty unhappy existence. I am going to call him back on Monday and tell him that the topic lies far outside my area of expertise, and suggest he search for an electromagnetic engineer of some type. I feel bad for the guy, but I also had to laugh at my luck. It figures my first phone call is from the “x-files” category.

Funny, but I never thought to expect that. Of course I should have – this is the Internet after all! I’ll be more aware of it from now on. I really don’t mind, it just took me by surprise.

Well, it appears that at some time recently, somebody’s search engine Bot must have crawled through my site and had a little orgasm, because I received a second business call this morning from another person who tracked me down via the Net. This time the lady was much more credible – it seems as though someone has given her an STD and she wishes to launch some criminal proceedings. I referred her to a lawyer who can point her in the right direction. Poor girl, I hope she finds some resolution. If I’m lucky and she needs a consultant, perhaps she’ll direct her lawyer back to me.

I did commit a beginner faux-pas. With both phone calls, I forgot to answer my phone with my business name. Instead I just said “hello”. To be honest, I didn’t expect anyone to call for that. My website has been up for several weeks now and nobody has “found me” through that. Also, in looking ahead to getting an article published I sort of figured that would be my “grand introduction”. Anyways, it was a good lesson with people who likely won’t be needing my services – from now on if I don’t recognize the number, I’ll answer with my business name.

Speaking of publishing – my article got accepted!!! I sent them a head shot on Friday and hopefully will find out tomorrow what issue it will be in. I’m really, really excited about this because I’m hoping it will generate at least 1 client and start the ball rolling (not to mention, some money flowing back into the business).

And, thanks to my dear ol’ Dad, I have a meeting with a “higher-up” exec in the local trial lawyers association. She should be a valuable connection, and hopefully a great source of referrals!

Finally, I have a list of about 25 lawyers so far to send out introductory letters to. I have drafted the letters, now I just need to print them out and mail them. That will be my task this week when my Mother’s Helper comes.

You know, I was thinking the other day, when DH bought a lotto ticket for a draw worth about $5 million, that even if we won I would still do this. I’m enjoying it immensely and very excited at the prospect of getting my first paying client and starting to grow!

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2 thoughts on “I’m in Business!

  1. Orhan Kahn

    Radiation burn and STD’s – they both seem memoriable within themselves.

  2. Monica

    I´m so happy for you!

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