It’s true, shopping can be romantic.

I spent today doing various things that I love to do, all adding up to one really lovely day.

It started when, despite a few interruptions by the kids, DH and I managed to actually “complete the act”, nudge nudge wink wink. I then made English Pancakes (aka: crepes with lemon and sugar) for breakfast. We headed off to Ikea to buy a couple of items. Not only do I love assembling Ikea furniture, but we got the stuff in anticipation of some serious furniture rearranging in our apartment, a process that I also really enjoy.

After leaving Ikea we spontaneously decided to go check out some new townhouse developments going up. The show suites were lovely, but it made me realize that I really do not wish to live on multiple levels. I like having the family together, and I like the ease with which I can move through my home, tidying and doing other things I need to do, all while keeping an eye on the kids. We then popped by our fave development (the last phase of which was completed a couple years ago) and saw some open houses so we went in to view those. We fell in love (for the umpteenth time) and reiterated our desire to buy a place there as soon as we can. We’re in the frustrating, though wonderfully exciting position, of having several very good possibilities come through for us, investment-wise. We’re hoping to be ready to look seriously this fall.

After that we headed home. This will probably sound lame but…I find it kind of romantic going to open houses and viewing show suites, even though we aren’t ready to buy yet. I think it’s because it’s part of the whole “planning our future” thing, which I really love doing together. It’s exciting to talk about what we want and what we’d do with the space, etc. I love talking with DH about the future.

With that said, I’m pretty happy with our apartment right now. We’ve rearranged the second bedroom to be an office and adult relaxation place. The one and only baby gate is on the door of this room. It had become a place-to-store-things-that-kids-shouldn’t-touch, aka: a dumping ground. Today we took a section of our sofa from the living room and moved it in here. We also have a new 30″ computer monitor that we’re going to use to watch DVDs. So, when DS is asleep and DD is in the living room watching her movies in the evening, me and DH can snuggle on the loveseat and watch a movie that doesn’t involve animation or annoying sing-songs. There’s a really nice vibe in the room now – probably because we have a plant and items on side tables like framed photos and lamps, lol. These things cannot exist in other rooms because the kids will inevitably break them, or toss them around, or knock them over. This is okay with us, btw – we strive to make our house as child-friendly as possible. But having our own room is nice, and gives a tantalizing taste of things to come, when our whole home can be decorated this way rather than looking like a giant romper room.

A whole bunch of things I like to do, wrapped up in one day, and done together as a family. That’s my idea of a good day. 🙂

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One thought on “It’s true, shopping can be romantic.

  1. Space Mom

    I love house shopping! Even though we are planning on staying here a very long time. I love seeing how models are decorated..BTW- we have two floors. I love letting the kids play downstiars while I do stuff upstairs. I suspect it will only get better as time goes on

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