I spent the afternoon at a local park with some of my fellow MDC mamas. It’s a rather incestuous group we have; our connections intertwine with La Leche League, Homeschooling, birth networks, etc. But it all came together on our “local tribe” forum at MDC. I’ve made some really great friends who have really great kids. We all share the same parenting philosophies (with just enough variation to make it interesting, but not controversial) and we are all more or less at the same stage of our journey as parents. I feel like I am not parenting alone, but rather as part of this wonderful community of mamas who both inspire and support me.

In watching DD today I was amazed at the change in her these last few months. She has become a social creature. Today, she “ran with the pack”. It was a small group of kids (5), and only one was new to her, but still she chose to stick with them rather than stick by me and the other mamas and the babies. There were a few conflicts, and many involved her trying to dictate what the other kids should do or play, but she seemed to want to figure it out herself. The other kids helped by letting her know that they didn’t like being told what to do, but it was all said in a very gentle way, no meanness or yelling, no ganging up or excluding.

And there were times when they did want to listen to her, and I caught up with one moment where they were all sitting on a bench, listening to her as she described something, and I was so proud. I have jokingly said “I tell myself she isn’t ‘bossy’, she has ‘leadership qualities'” but today I really saw the truth in that. As she grows and learns about respecting others’ opinions and input she will hone her approach, but within her lies a leader.

All of the four families there today are homeschoolers (well, one is still trying to convince her DH, but we figure he won’t be able to resist much longer, and her DD is still only 4). And I thought to myself “wow, these are the people we’ll be spending our lives with”. We’ll be having meetups together, and doing homeschooling programs together and growing and learning together. I couldn’t think of a nicer group of parents and kids to do it with. I feel so very blessed!

Honestly, it’s days like today that I think life really can’t get much better than this. I’m so happy and appreciative of what we’ve got going here. There is just so much to look forward to and to be excited about. I have a Community. I’m SO glad we are here to stay!

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