Business Blues

It has now been 4 weeks since I heard from the newspaper that is supposedly publishing my article. The last email ended with “I’ll be in touch shortly”. I sent a tentative, sorry-if-I’m-bugging-you-but-I’m-new-to-this email last Monday and did not receive a reply from that. If I don’t get an email tomorrow I’m going to do it the old fashioned way and phone the lady. I feel like I’m sitting here in marketing limbo until that article gets published.

I also had an idea to do a mailout to solo practitioners, having been convinced that Firms have already established their own network of experts and my introduction would seem amateur at best. To find these solo guys I will have to scroll through the local Legal Directory and choose names that are not associated with a Firm name. Not an easy task, I’m sure. I’m secretly holding out for the article to see what kind of publicity I’ll get from that in the hopes that I won’t have to do the mailout. But I know I probably will.

Finally, Dad is supposed to be arranging a luncheon with another lawyer for me to attend, but Dad’s really busy right now and I don’t want to bug him too much. I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t have work to do right now because I have had very little time lately to do any work, even with my Mother’s Helper (MH) around. That’s mostly because DD has gym class on Thursdays, which takes up half of MH’s day with us (she watches DS while we’re in class).

I’m feeling like everything has come to a halt. I get the temptation every now and then to just quit. What keeps me going is that it costs me very little to stick with it. My website is paid for until March of next year, and my Virtual Office is only about $74/month. I am feeling in failure mode right now, but I also remind myself that this is a normal and natural part of starting a business, so I don’t take the feeling too seriously. I’m hoping it won’t be long until I feel I’m on an upswing again.

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