Summer’s End

Next weekend is the Labour Day long weekend, the unofficial start of fall here in North America. While the weather in my fair town tends to stay lovely through most of September, there has been a cool breeze in the air for a while now that heralds the end of summer. Usually I am happy to move on to autumn by this time – I get sick of the same shorts and T-shirts, sick of sweating in my clothes, sick of having to shave legs and have pretty toenails. But this summer I’m really sad that it’s over. It seems so soon.

Part of it is my newfound joy in camping. We had only that one weekend, and I tried to make it work again. But we didn’t make reservations, and driving from one site to the next looking for space is really not practical with two young kids in the car. This weekend we are going to a Bluegrass Festival. Thanks to O Brother Where Art Thou? I am familiar with the genre and actually really love that soundtrack. But mostly I’m going for the company. The family we camped with last month will be there, and my dear friend K and her family will also be there. We’ll be camping in a field, so there won’t be any of that forest/wilderness feel to it all. But it should be a fun time nevertheless.

This weekend was a very lazy one. We went out both afternoons, drove around with a sleeping babe in the car, ending up at a fave park where the kids can play and DH and I can get in a few games of Cribbage. Part of me felt we were “wasting” our summer weekends, but DH pointed out that weekends should be about resting and spending time together as a family, and also noted that with summer’s end comes an end to this sort of activity as well. He’s right, of course, I just want to do more “getting away from it all”. Oh well, next summer we’ll plan ahead and make reservations for the long weekends. And who knows, we might even get one more weekend worth of camping before October comes.

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