Oh wait, there was a reason…

Now I remember what prompted me to speak about my views on crime and free will, etc. It was the other day I received a solicitation call from some “police” charity (I’d never heard of it before) looking for donations. The young guy was obviously reading from a script, with “insert customer name here” sprinkled throughout. He kept using phrases like “obviously you want to see criminals put behind bars” or “obviously you want violent criminals to face harsh punishments”, etc. Very pro “tough on crime” type stuff. Which reminded me of our current Conservative government and how one of their campaign promises was to “get tough on crime” (i.e. increase sentences). The same party is also threatening to close down a revolutionary, pioneering project in our city that provides safe injection sites for heroin addicts. Health workers around the globe have been watching and applauding the success in reducing deaths from overdose, spread of diseases such as Hepatitis and AIDS, etc. But our government, in all it’s wisdom, broke the issue down to “we don’t want taxpayers buying drugs for addicts”. So anyways, that prompted me to write down some of my thoughts on the subject.

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One thought on “Oh wait, there was a reason…

  1. Space Mom

    I once had a call like that about “as a parent, you are obviously concerned about violence on TV” I quickly said, “oh no, I am not. I watch TV with my kids and we discuss things so they can actually become involved citizens instead of machines that spout the party line”Took that guy aback!

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