Bored Choir Member

You know that expression “preaching to the choir”? It means that you are trying to convince people who already agree with you. Not only is it a waste of time for the preacher, but I’m sure the choir finds it rather uninteresting.

I’m experiencing a disappointing aspect of my decision to homeschool: I’m already convinced. When I stumbled upon Attachment Parenting, for example, I bought several books on the subject and gobbled them up. But I can’t seem to find much interest in the homeschooling sites and resources thus far. To be fair, I’ve only checked out the ‘Net and some book titles recommended in various homelearning discussions. But still, seems I’m already way on board. It’s all telling me stuff I agree with 100%. And that is somewhat disappointing because I always enjoy the obsessive phase of any new interest, lol.

I know I want to unschool, so reading up on all the homeschooling curricula available bores me. I don’t need to read articles about how useless homework is, or how school is such a waste of time, or the benefits of homelearning. I don’t need to be convinced that my kids will learn all they need to know without following anybody else’s idea of what they should learn but their own. As an unschooler, I know that all there is to “do” is keep doing what we are doing: living, loving, and learning as we go along. So there are no “how to” manuals I can peruse.

I do need ideas for certain activities or subjects for when they come up, but we’re not quite at the age yet where that involves much more than a trip to the library or drawing some pictures. I have some great resources in place already for when we are ready, including my local homelearner’s Yahoo group (for stuff in my city and area), and a few very inspiring blogs where the writers link to cool programs, books, or materials they have found.

So what’s an obsessive, newly decided homelearner to do? I guess I should just be happy that I already have the Faith, and grateful to all the mamas who helped me develop it. Meanwhile, I’ll find some other subject to get obsessive about (like homebuying, which might be a possibility for us soon).

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2 thoughts on “Bored Choir Member

  1. rhonda

    Hi Mariah,

    I just read all of your posts and it was almost like sitting in Delaney’s again…sigh. Anyway, it is wonderful for me to read how you muddle your way through all of this…it helps me to find my own points of clarity. You go girl!

  2. Anna B

    Teach Your Own will be only a reinforcement, but it is nice to have the info when you are talking to the traditional schoolers and people who think you are bananas for homeschooling.

    The TeenAge Liberation Handbook is perfect for unschoolers. Get thee to ebay!

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