New inspirations

I just discovered a plethora of Unschooling blogs. I have begun reading them and it has simply reaffirmed my suspicions that I want not just to homeschool, but unschool. I believe I already have the most important quality required to successfully unschool: faith. Faith in my children’s ability and desire to learn everything they will need to know to achieve success – success as defined on their terms, and as measured by their inner peace and happiness.

I get inspired by these blogs, too. They are full of great ideas for enriching my kids’ environment. For one thing, I really need to get us a tape player and find some audio books. I think DD would enjoy them, and I think I would too. Many of the families I’m reading about have school-aged children and I find it exciting to read about what they are doing and, in this way, get a peek into what lies ahead for us. I admit I am envious reading about it. I’m trying to stay relaxed and enjoy these preschool years, but I confess I am eager to start doing activities that will be more interesting for me. I look forward to when I can settle down in the evening with the kids in their own room and read them a chapter book. I’m looking forward to doing crafts with the kids that don’t involve DS gluing himself to various peices of furniture, or ending with me trying to unglue sprinkles from the TV screen. I realize a mess is part of the creative process but a 2 year old is still way too into the mess side for my comfort level. I’m also looking forward to playing board games with my kids and not having to deal with them changing the rules every five minutes to suit their whims.

The other upside to reading these blogs is that I’m also feeling a lifting of spirits in the parenting department (I’ve been in a rut lately; you can read about it here). I’m recognizing that unschooling is more than just an educational style, it’s a lifestyle that heavily relates to parenting. After all, part of wanting to homeschool is wanting to be with your kids (I got more comments today from near-strangers about how nice it would be for me if they were in school – what is it with our society and parents not wanting to be around their kids??). So I think I’m going to try and take my newfound exuberance for the Unschooling philosophy and tie that into my parenting. I’m hoping this will bring an influx of positive energy and motivation to my parenting. I am really, really in a rut of scolding and yelling and even getting physical with DD and I really really really need it to stop. Reading my parenting books often helps, but lately I feel like they just point out how badly I’m failing. Reading about unschooling, OTOH, seems to be more motivating. Maybe it’s because I haven’t failed at that yet!

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