Declarations of Independence

This past Monday DD had her second gym class of the Fall session. Last session she was in the Parent Participation class. I wrote before about our experience last Spring trying the non-parent participation class. But the one she took last term was for 2 and 3 year olds. Technically she was 3 when she started, but turned 4 a couple weeks into it. What’s nice is it got her familiar with the gym and the routine of the class. I was nervous about starting the non-PP one, but feeling good that she was truly ready for it. Well, class #2 and she is doing great. She knows I can’t come in and she is fine with that. I watch her and she participates fully and only rarely looks for me through the windows separating the waiting room from the gym. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for session #3 this Monday (3 always seemed to be the make-or-break time). If it goes well, it means we have finally crossed that milestone of her being comfortable in a class without me present. Sad but wonderful all at once!

DS is also making strides towards independence. He’s doing fine in his own bed. I usually bring him into our bed some time early in the am (we think it’s around 5 or so). I admit I am enjoying having more room in the bed, yet still getting to snuggle for a while in the morning (DD usually comes down then too). And last night I saw signs of another milestone approaching: DS fell asleep without wanting to nurse. He had been up late and crawled into bed to go to sleep. I nursed him but he was not quieting down and after a while he unlatched and started moving. I thought he was going to get up again, but to my surprise he just “settled” himself for a bit until he found a comfy position and then drifted off to sleep! Later in the night he awoke, sat up, and actually crawled over into our bed. I reflexively lifted my shirt to nurse, but instead he turned his back to me, snuggled into me, and fell asleep! Wow! It is just SO neat to see this process happening naturally, and all on his own time. It just feels so good and so validating to know I’ve been meeting his needs and not “stifling his independence” as some people would have us believe. So I can see that the day when DS will not nurse to sleep is ahead somewhere. In the meantime, I’m not complaining. I am mostly enjoying nightnursing, because most times it is not disruptive to my sleep so much that I can’t deal with it, and it’s even more apparent now that it won’t last forever.

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