Making life easier for mama

After selling my Phil and Ted’s double stroller on Craigslist we were down to 2 strollers, both the cheap umbrella kind (one for the apartment, one that stays in the car). Well, the apartment one’s footrest broke, and it wasn’t too comfy for DS. Additionally, whenever DS fell asleep in the umbrella stroller he’d flop over forwards because the back was too upright and didn’t recline. Finally, with fall upon us I needed a way to put a rain cover on, and the umbrella had nothing to put one on. So…while shopping for kids clothing yesterday I spied this stroller. It is very narrow, and collapses up in two directions so it is half its open width when folded. It even has a shoulder strap so if you are hopping on the bus you have a handy way to carry it. The back reclines and I can throw a rain cover over the sunshade. The bonus is I can steer it with one hand, so I can talk on my cell phone or carry DD (briefly!) if she gets distraught over something. DS apparently loves it because he slept for THREE hours in it yesterday!! I am very pleased with my new toy, but DH’s response was predictable (“Another stroller??! I thought we were getting rid of these things”). Well, it was a good price and I know I’ve got a good year or more before DS is ready to be out of the stoller full time (I acheived this with DD just this summer). And frankly, it’s all about making life easier for Mama, right? Posted by Picasa

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