What we’re up to these days

DD had her third gym class of the term today and the non-parent participation thing is going swimmingly! She gets a real workout there and I definitely consider it part of the Homelearning schtick – it’s Physical Education! I love watching her bouncing around and playing games and just following along without needing me to be in there with her (you can read about our trials with that here). I’m so proud of her!

I also registered us today for a series of programs run by a local Ecology Centre. We are so blessed here to have such amazing parks and wilderness areas, and wonderful programs to boot. I’m very excited about the programs because it’s a lovely park and really nice to visit even in the rain! I just hope DS isn’t too much of a disruption. I may end up having Mum babysit him while we go (the classes are only 1 hour). It sucks because I feel bad about dumping him off and he will be upset to not be with me and his big sister but that’s life with a toddler in tow. I’ve been waiting so long to do stuff with DD. It makes me sad that I end up torn between my two kids. But at least with homelearning I know that it won’t be for long. If they were in school they’d be doing separate activities for the next 12 years!

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